The secrets to setting goals you can actually achieve

Are there people in the world who do not have any dreams? Of course no. Someone is dreaming about a big house and luxurious car, the other one is just about a bike, someone desires to eat normal and tasty food and sleep in a comfortable bed, others to have their own business and make a lot of money to travel and enjoy their life. Some people dream about working in a well-known organization while others prefer starting their online business and earning real profits from their home. But is just dreaming enough? What is the most important- to have dreams or purposes? Maybe you will be surprised by reading this because you were always thinking that there is no difference between goals and dreams. But yeah, goals are an essential part of our life and are specific.


After a New Year, it is a really good time to plan a new start in life. You should realize that only your goals can change the process of your daily life which results will help you to become successful. Always write down your dreams on paper, it will help you to be closer to your dreams.


Why do we call purposes specific?


You should have SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely) goals if you want to achieve your dreams.


Is it okay to just dream about a lot of money? Understand the specific amount of money you need to realize your dream! If you dream to open a barbershop, calculate exactly how much money is needed! If you think about particular actions and events, an aim has a much higher chance of being achieved. Particular goals give your program regime and accuracy. For an accurate calculation, you just need to know your exact dream. It means how you are going to know when you’ve done that. Just find out how you can calculate that down the line while setting your aim. Be sure that the goals you have are realistic to realize. Goals should become the motivator of your life and make you become rich and successful.




Note down your priorities and schedule dates! I guess why we need to schedule our day is clear. To achieve your dreams just:


1) Set goals

2) Predict how long a project will take.

3) Work harder

4) Create a schedule for productive mornings.

5) Stop Switching Duties.


Have realistic goals!


You can set small goals to achieve them easily. For example, you can develop a 1-year schedule or 6-month plan, and a really smaller one-month plan that you can achieve in order to achieve your lifetime goals. Your daily planner also is your helper.

But realistic goals are essential as you may also make plans that are too challenging but it will be too hard not to realize the challenges and how much ability you need to improve in order to reach a certain level of success.


Don’t be afraid to take a risk


The fear of taking risks may be holding you back in life. Do not be afraid of doing and thinking about what you love. Our brain always bothers us to try something new. We would know what risks are worth taking if we actually knew how to quantify risks, and we would be far less scared of taking them. Calculate and think about all the risks to escape or minimize them.


Keep studying


Some people particularly in adulthood continue to read and enrich their skills. They also feel that when trying to accomplish a goal efficiently, learning is one of the most valuable steps. If you’re having problems with your goal or dream, it may be due to a lack of knowledge. So, on the journey to your goal, read a lot to overcome all the difficulties. Thanks to other people, you can even study a lot of things by asking for help. Don’t be afraid to call for support.

Never be scared, it’s natural to ask for support. It’s okay. It is important to learn from others around you to start your own company or even a “new life.” Asking for support is nothing to be afraid of.


Find all the things you need


Finding all the necessary tools you need is essential. Also, think about all the things from money and the environment where you will work.  Write down a list of stuff you need. Make the place where you are planning to work motivational. Even small details can motivate you. Sometimes people prefer to have motivational writings in their room to always have a productive day full of hope to work well to achieve their goals.




Someone said: “If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” If you have dreams even the whole world can not disturb you to achieve them.

Be truthful with yourself on what your goal will give you to achieve. You probably heard a lot from people that you should keep your dream secret, but if you listen to me you will share them with others. When you make plans and don’t share them with others it’s not a big deal when you don’t accomplish them as you are the only one who knows these secret goals. So if you fail everything or something else like that it will be “okay”.

Always dream, set goals and achieve them! You are not the only one in the universe. You are not alone. Everything is gonna be great.

Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
MERN-Stack Web Developer trying to C Rust. Also writing articles sometimes.

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