Surface Duo

Surface Duo moving towards the international market gets a price cut in the US.


After somewhat success of the Surface Duo, Microsoft is bringing out the Duo to the international market already, although in a few of the countries. For instance, the first few markets include Canada and Europe – just parts.

Surface Duo enters Europe – US gets a price cut!

The Surface Duo will launch in the above market on February 18th, just a month after the official launch. As of now, Duo has a price cut, which will drop the price and let you buy one for $999 only. But this will not be the case for the new markets. The pricing of the Duo will be £1349 for the UK whereas €1549 in Germany. Although you cannot do a pre-order, you can buy one in the UK from Official Microsoft Stores.

Surface Duo is a foldable phone with two separate screens on either side, unlike Fold 2 which has one single display that folds up. But each screen can be used individually on Duo. Whereas Fold 2 has another display on the outer side for the same purpose.

Source: Android Central

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