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Android 12 – this might be the new UI that Google is working on!

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Google is working on its upcoming Android OS upgrade – Android 12. The new upgrade is scheduled to release this year. Google always shares details about the upcoming OS every year. This time also, there are some documents circulating online with alleged UI changes as well. The UI does look promising.

Android 12 – New minimalistic UI.

The new UI screenshots that are available on the internet follows an “as minimalistic as possible” approach. Google has worked on the UI to make it look more clean, minimalistic, and simple. Although these can be leaked ones, we might not expect that the UI will remain the same.

New Notification Panel.

The first screenshot is of the Notification panel. Google has removed the transparent background, instead applied an opaque background. Also, Google is working on a new theming engine, which we can see has implemented colors properly. The Conversation panel is placed on the top, with a number of messages on the right-hand side. Moreover, the corners are made more round this time. Also, the Quick Settings toggles number has reduced to 4 than the conventional 6 in numbers, making the icons look large. Also, there are privacy-related icons such as which function the current app is using, on the top right.

Android 12

Updated and some new privacy-related stuff.

It is also said that the new OS will come with new privacy features. For example, you can see what feature does the current app uses on the top-right of the status bar.

You might also receive a warning if an app try using microphone or camera, on the status bar. Tapping on the warning, you will see a new pop-up, with translucent background, and subtle amount of rounded corners for the pop-up.

You can see new changes to the Privacy settings, which also have a toggle to disable the camera and microphone completely. Which will also not let you use the camera as well.

Android 12 – New Widget implementation, atleast for conversations.

Google is also planning to do some changes to the Widgets in the Android 12. They are also going to add Conversations widget as well, which will let you make a widget of your conversation on the home screen. The widget will highlight missed calls, messages, etc.

From the leaked document, XDA also states that the Google will make “Coversation” widget mandatory, along with the Camera and Microphone indicators, in Android 12.

Moreover, we cannot say that this can be the original documentation, since Google haven’t released a CDD or Compatibility Definition Document as of now.

PS: Dear Samsung, if you are reading this, do not mess up with the Android 12 UI if Google makes this UI official. Keep it simple and don’t fill it with junk!

Source: XDA

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