Microsoft Bing Seeks Opportunity As Google Threatens to Exit in Australia

Google, Microsoft

Microsoft is seeking a great opportunity to push its search engine, Bing, in Australia. The news comes after Google threatened to exit the Australian market altogether.

Microsoft President Brad Smith issued a statement today and said that the Government’s proposed code “reasonably attempts to address the bargaining power imbalance between digital platforms and Australian news businesses”.

“While Microsoft is not subject to the legislation currently pending, we’d be willing to live by these rules if the government designates us..” he added.

“Let me Bing that for you..”

According to the new law, Google and other search engines including Bing would have to pay Australia’s media outlets so that they can show links to their articles and the description underneath them.

The Code would force Google to pay for links to certain publishers, despite the value they already receive in free user traffic from Google.

In the Open Letter, Google argues that “if one type of business gets paid for appearing in Search, why shouldn’t others? Going down that route would destroy the business model of any search engine, Google included. And if a search engine has to pay to show links, what’s to stop links elsewhere coming with a price tag, too?”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella met with Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the country’s communications minister last week. During the conversation, the company said that it is willing to increase the investment in Bing to ensure it could adequately compete with other search engines.