Harmony OS

Harmony OS is not a new OS, but an Android fork!


Huawei’s ban is still ongoing, however, just after the ban, they announced that they will work on their own OS. OK, well, everyone did expect that coming, however, the thing is Huawei made no new OS, but forked Android 10 and slapped the “Harmony OS” name over it, as stated by Ars Technica!

Harmony OS is just Android!

First of all, the author, Ron Amadeo mentions that just to get an access to the Harmony OS, you have to go through a rigorous 2-days verification process, and that includes submission of your passport details, credit card details for some uncertain reasons and a driving license. The author did share these details for getting accessing to Huawei’s precious OS.

After getting access to the SDK, he dug deep inside the OS. And guess what he found? The emulator runs the OS from a cloud server, not directly on your system. See the level of discretion by Huawei, so that no one can get access their OS’s source code!

Harmony OS

And Ron also mentions that it feels like he is “streaming” something from the internet on 720p resolution. Moreover, when he dug deep, he simply found that the so-called Harmony OS is nothing just a forked version of Android! That means the original source code of Android is modified as per the taste of OEM. Which is just the name of the OS and just a custom UI or exact copy of EMUI. Huawei, in their official statement says that they have ported EMUI on their new OS.

Yeah, very new. 😒

You might say that how is that even possible? Well, Ron did run an Android app to check the Android version, which as expected came out to be Android 10! And the Huawei App Gallery, which is their alternative to Play Store, has all the essential apps like Microsoft Word, and the WearOS app.

Moreover, as Ron says at the end, Huawei hasn’t mentioned that they are using the fork of Android but blatantly calling it a “new” OS.

You can also read more about it more on Ars Technica website since it’s a very long article!

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