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Apple Adds App Tracking Transparency to App Store Guidelines

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Apple announced new changes to its App Store Guidelines policies which included the developer instructions on how to implement the App Tracking Transparency. The updates are mostly clarifications to existing App Store rules that govern payments, disclosures, and app terminologies.

But perhaps the greatest update to the policy is the addition of App Tracking Transparency that is designed to give users more control over privacy. The feature was initially planned to be debuted alongside iOS 14. It allows users to opt-out of ad tracking by default by using a dialogue box with two selections: “Allow Tracking” and “Ask Apps Not to Track.”

Section 5.1.2(i) of Apple’s App Store Guidelines states, “You must receive explicit permission from users via the App Tracking Transparency APIs to track their activity. Learn more about tracking.”

The feature has been quite unwelcoming by Facebook since the majority of its business model revolves around getting data from the users. The feature is set to roll out with iOS 14.5 update in early spring.