How to Improve Work Efficiency via Your Smartphone

In the last few years, many companies have given their employees a higher level of work flexibility. They can choose whether they want to work from the office, from home, or live and work as digital nomads.

The only prerequisite for such a professional life is access to the Internet. If you’re available to your managers online when necessary, it doesn’t matter where you are at that moment.

In addition to a proper Internet connection, you need to have adequate devices for your work tasks. The first one is your computer, and the second one is your mobile.

In this article, you’ll see how your mobile phone can increase your business efficiency.


1)     Smooth business communication


Remote workers often need to communicate on the go. Even though most of them perform their business tasks on their computers, they don’t sit at the computer all the time.

This is where mobiles come on stage. Making phone calls and attending meetings is much easier on mobiles. You just plug your headphones into the phone and you can have your meeting from any spot in the world.

It’s good to install various business apps on your mobile. From the project management tool(s) you use to email apps to communication apps, each of them will help you stay in touch with your managers and colleagues.

Still, bear in mind that logging off is equally important as smooth business communication. That’s why getting a separate business mobile phone would be a wise thing to do. When you’re not working, you simply switch off your mobile and voila – no work interference in your free time.


2)     Easy cloud collaboration


Many companies and business individuals are migrating to the cloud.

So, employees and freelancers need to follow suit and adapt to these changes.

You should install all the necessary apps that improve your cloud efficiency, from Google Docs and other G Suite solutions to any other helpful tools.

Of course, it’s not convenient to carry out more complex activities on your mobile, but you’ll be able to follow the current affairs and react in a timely manner if necessary.


3)     Employee and team organization


When you keep your mobile by your side during working hours, you can significantly improve your organization.

For starters, install one of the to-do list apps available for mobiles. At the end of every workday, you can set your tasks for the following day. If necessary, add or remove items from this list. You can use the same app to create your monthly and weekly schedules, as well.

Apart from that, install Slack, Microsoft Teams or any other collaboration tool that your managers and colleagues use for online communication. Make sure to have these apps installed both on your computer and mobile, to be available on two different devices. In case one breaks down, you can soon switch to the other one.

In terms of task distribution and arrangement, mobile phones are handy because workers can quickly and smoothly exchange information in the case of emergency. For non-urgent work communication, email is still a perfect vehicle. Again, using your mobile to handle your emails is a fast and effective way of keeping smooth email communication.


4)     Effective time management


We’ve already mentioned how useful your mobile can be in setting to-do lists. That’s only one possibility.

For instance, you can download one of the time-management apps and use them to track your working hours and productivity, as well as to plan your future projects. Using such an app will help you keep insight into your current projects and your progress, as well.

Some businesses ask their employees to install time-tracking tools on their computers. Others just opt for payroll apps where you simply enter your active hours for every workday. The former track your work in real time, while the latter only calculate the hours you enter manually. Depending on your managers’ requests, install such tools on your computer and mobile so that they can monitor your work.


5)     Fast and efficient online search


It’s not easy to sit in the same position for eight or more hours.

Sometimes, you’ll leave your computer for a while during your work hours, but still keep working if you have your mobile by your side. This is especially convenient for the part of work where you need to conduct an online search.

You can make a cup of coffee, lie back in your armchair, and read about the business topics currently in your spotlight.

If you have some preferred online sources for your business research, install their apps to make both the search and reading easier. The design specialists from a Web design company in Houston explain that many companies popular on the Internet decide to launch business apps to improve their users’ online experience.

Even if there’s no app available for a certain website, they’ve probably adapted their design to mobiles and other gadgets.

However, you might come across informative websites that are not optimized for mobiles and don’t have an app. This sometimes happens with successful SMBs that provide purposeful information but still haven’t adapted their content to different devices.

In that case, leave such sources for the computer search.

This combination of mobile and computer search will help you grasp information from different resources while using convenient machines for that matter.


This is the age of mobile technology and business professionals need to embrace those innovations. Using your mobile for project management and tracking will keep you informed and efficient.

You’ll be able to access and use cloud-based documentation important for business matters. Finally, your mobile will help you search the Web in a faster and more relaxed manner. All these benefits will increase your productivity and improve your business effectiveness.



Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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