How to implement an SEO campaign for achieving higher ranking?

As we start a new year, it is time to create a unique and improved content strategy. Even if earlier strategies have given results, there is always scope for improvement. Learning from the experiences gathered over the years and studying the trends that are likely to prevail in the coming days, you must be ready to drive the campaign ahead for improving search rankings. It is necessary to implement new strategies to start a new SEO campaign to achieve a higher ranking.Ā  As you keep reading this article, you will gain enough insights into setting up a content campaign that pushes your ranking ahead of your competitors.

Assess the fitness of your technical SEO

Before you set out to make improvements by creating new strategies, you should know your SEO status. According to the SEO agencies, you must conduct a quick SEO audit of your website to ascertain that it is in good shape and deliver the expected results. You can start by determining the existing website speed by using some tool like Google PageSpeed Insights and know your backlink inventory status by using Majestic, which is a useful tool that will show how your backlinks are doing. You should fix any technical errors like 404 as well as broken links.

Having taken care of your website’s technical aspects, you are now confident about its capabilities to launch a strong SEO campaign and implement the most creative strategies by using new and improved content that helps to improve ranking.

Identify the pages that are most important for you

To drive more traffic to your website, you must know the website’s aspects that need improvement and better optimization. Create a list of issues to address to prioritize and plan for implementing it in phases.Ā  Focus on the most critical aspects that can contribute maximum to improve your rankings. Start by focusing on the most important pages of your website.

It might not be easy to identify the most important pages of your website.Ā  Consider which pages you want to highlight to your audience by choosing the ones that closely relate to your company’s mission. Run the analytics to see which pages appear to be most important and compare the results with your list to determine the highest value pages.Ā  In the process, you will know which pages attract high traffic and which pages help make more money.

Focus on the pages that attract low traffic but are vital to you. You must improve these pages first, followed by other high traffic pages that might not be important to you.

Keyword research

Since the search patterns keep changing rapidly, keep your fingers on the audience’s nerve to know the search patterns and what they are searching for. Keyword research helps to study the audience’s mind and ensures that you focus on the right terms. If you offer a product, the searches might not always be for finding the product but could focus more on finding a solution to some problem related to the product. In addition to keyword research, talk to your audience to understand them. Use tools like Google Trends to ensure that you are focusing on the right search terms. Finally, you should get a list of keywords you want to rank for. It might include some keywords that you are already ranking for which you can improve upon.

Set realistic goals for your campaign

Ranking for the most competitive keywords takes a long time, and it isn’t very easy to rank for keywords in a competitive niche. A more practical way to progress in meeting your ranking goals is to focus on specific but less competitive keywords with better ranking prospects. Ā Choose keywords by considering their traffic potential as well as ranking potential. Adapt your keywords list according to the chances it has in ranking or improving ranking. Start with some keywords that you are sure about outranking your competitors.

Content and keywords matching

Based on the list of keywords prepared, evaluate your content. The content must have a close relation to the keywords, and you must optimize the right terms. Find keywords that you have yet not used in a page or post and emphasize it but avoid using any wrong wording.Ā  It might happen that despite having the content duly optimized for the right keywords, it does not rank well. It could be due to keyword cannibalization that you must avoid. Writing too much about similar topics can lower your chances to rank for a specific keyword because you are competing with yourself. To overcome the problem, combine articles with the same keywords in focus and improve your internal linking strategy.

Re-purpose your content

Review how your content is performing and, if needed, re-write it for improvement. Gather feedback about content performance by using some analytics that helps to improve readability and its ability to rank better. It should also help write fresh and natural content that search engines and users would find exciting and lovable.Ā  Start with articles that have the best chances of ranking well, and share your articles across social media to widen your outreach.

Improve internal linking

Internal linking guides Google and helps in easy navigation of your website by directing search engines to the right pages in order of priority. Internal linking of the website pages allow Google to gather clues about which content is most important. The bigger is the website that runs into many pages, the more important is the internal linking. Having a lot of content on your website means you need a robust internal linking structure that helps your cause of earning high ranks in the search results. Use some internal liking tool to make the hard work easy for you.

The above steps constitute an SEO framework that you must repeatedly use as SEO is an ongoing process. You must accept changes, implement new things and keep moving ahead within the framework to achieve a higher ranking.

Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
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