Google search on Mobile is redesigned

Google, Smartphones

Google redesigned the search looks on mobile. The new design will have larger and bolder text, which intended for quick search. And you will see some other Google fonts in search results.

Search results will now also take, some extra width in the new design. Google said, that the new design will use colour more intentionally, by highlighting the important points. By this, users will be able to read that info without any distraction. Google is trying to give shadowless images with clear background.

The image below shows the difference between the old and new search bar design.

Google debuts new mobile search result that uses favicons

Google made edge-to-edge results, making it easier, for the user. And minimizing the use of shadows, makes it completely look different from the old design. The new design is more spacious.

This looks like Google, is trying to give important information at the top. Which makes it easy to search. Google says the new design will be rolled out soon in the upcoming days.