Samsung’s new 870 Evo SSD is better than its Previous SSD

Samsung plans to bring a new Samsung 870 SSD, which provides faster speed and available for the lower fair. The Samsung 860 SSD which released in 2018, has been the best for PC from its launch date.

The new drive is so fast that it can reach the maximum possible speed for sequential read and write. On a SATA drive, with 560MB/s read and 530MB/s write speeds. The new model has a good improvement compared to the old 860 SSD. The new Evo also has a five-year warranty from Samsung.

The 870 Evo will be available in 250GB for $49.99, 500GB for $79.99, 1TB for $139.99, 2TB for $269.99, and 4TB for $529.9.

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