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New MacBooks to Feature Next-Gen Silicon Processors and MagSafe

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A new report from Bloomberg sheds some light on Apple’s plan of launching new MacBooks later this year that will feature the second generation of Apple Silicon processors and even have support for MagSafe. These new models will come in standard 13-inch and 16-inch sizes.

Originally, MagSafe debuted on MacBook in 2006 and this year, it is going to make its return. We are not sure if Apple would also keep USB Type C as another option for charging. The company is also planning to finally get rid off the Touch Bar on the Pro models.

The report suggests that the next-gen Silicon processor will have more cores and better graphics capabilities than the existing M1 chips. They’ll also have displays with brighter panels that offer higher contrast. On the outside, there wouldn’t be a drastic physical change but the new MacBooks will see a return of MagSafe.

However, Apple is also planning another redesigned MacBook Air. The latest update to it was last November. So it is highly unlikely that it will come this year.