Ring adds new features to their video streams

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Ring is adding new features, to its service. It is planning to bring new end-to-end encryption for video streams. The new feature keeps video streams encrypted from the camera to the device. So no one can gain access to your device.

The feature, first announced in September, will be rolling out today. Footage from your Ring camera will be stored in Ring servers, to share your footage through devices you signed in. But Ring says that it won’t see any open any footage without user permission. But it had faced some law issues in past on viewing footage of users without permission.

Ring features are about the privacy of the users. But, other features, like sharing videos, become more complicated because. You’ll have to download and manually re-upload videos. Rather than just changing the sharing settings on Ring’s website.

This new feature also adds some more unique features, like sharing your footage with the neighbor app. But they’ll have to manually download and upload the footage. Ring cameras are enabled to process computer vision features, like person detection feature, whereas the battery-powered Ring cameras offload those features to the cloud. Which can’t be done with end-to-end encryption turned on.

In up-coming days Ring plans to expand access to everyone and add some new additional features to the app.