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Microsoft OneDrive Increases File Size Limit Up To 250 GB

Microsoft, OneDrive

If your workflow involves massive files, you would be pleased to hear that Microsoft has increased the OneDrive file size to 250 GB. Previously, the limit was 100 GB. The new limit not only includes OneDrive but Microsoft’s other tools as well such as SharePoint and Teams.

The new limit is a boon for customers that work with huge 8K videos, CAD files, large data sets, and more. For more personal users, it could be a family video album or a zip file of a game.

Microsoft uses something called Differential Sync that helps in managing such huge files. Without the feature, you would have to upload the whole file every time it is modified. Support for large files will be available at the end of the month and a more general rollout with occur by the end of Q1 2021.