galaxy s21 ultra

Galaxy S21 Ultra will have a MicroSD card, to come with 16GB RAM!


So a recent rumor came out very recently that the Galaxy S21 will lack the MicroSD card slot. But the rumors have changed slightly. A new rumor says that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will feature this luxury.

However, this will be true for the European region. The rest of the regions might have this reverted. According to Quandt, the S21 Ultra will be the only device to feature the expandable storage slot, which will support up to 512GB.

Additionally, Quandt also tweets that the upcoming S21 Ultra 512GB model will also feature 16GB of RAM!

The other variants of 128GB and 256GB will instead come with 12GB. For pricing, the Galaxy S21 will cost you €850, for the S21 Plus €1,049, and the last S21 Ultra €1,400.

Source: GSMArena

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