Mike Giannulis Offers Tips to Tackle Stress & Maintain Stable Mental Health despite Fears of COVID-19 Pandemic

As the onslaught of COVID-19 continues in many countries across the globe, it could prove to be quite stressful for many people. Anxiety and fear about this deadly new disease could prove to be overwhelming and may cause emotional disturbances in children and adults alike. Public health mandates like maintaining social distancing can make many people feel lonely, depressed, and isolated. This could result in an undesirable rise in the stress and anxiety levels. However, it is essential to follow self-isolation and social distancing dictates to keep COVID-19 infection at bay. You should cope well with stress if you wish to stay healthy throughout these trying times.

Outcomes of Stress Triggered by an Outbreak of a Deadly Infectious Disease

  • Worry & fear relating to your safety and health, as well as, the safety of your near and dear ones, losing a job, financial issues, or loss of useful support services you usually, depend on.
  • Drastic changes in eating and sleep patterns
  • Lapses in concentration and difficulty in getting sound sleep
  • Mental health issues getting worse
  • Chronic clinical issues getting worse
  • More dependence on alcohol or tobacco.

Mike Giannulis Recommends Ways to Boost Your Health during COVID-19

Practice Meditation

The chief purpose of meditation is to help your mind to relax and eliminate all worries and depressing thoughts. Meditation has been successful in combating serious mental issues. Meditation proves helpful in easing up your mind and becoming far more aware of the facts. Boost in concentration power is a great gift to mankind by meditation.

Indulge in Soothing Massages

Massages when done right could help in reducing muscle tension, enhancing flexibility, improving circulation, and alleviating pain from injuries. Massages are supposed to be hugely relaxing and invigorating. It could dramatically uplift your spirits and boost your overall mood.

Do Regular Exercises

Regular exercises are able to produce positive effects on your mind and body alike. When you indulge in exercises regularly, you could see the positive effects on your fitness levels and there would be a boost in your brainpower. Exercises prove helpful in boosting the endorphin level and regulating brain activity seamlessly. Your mood could be uplifted through regular exercises. Mike Giannulis firmly believes that you could experience a stress-free life if you are prioritizing sticking to a daily exercise regimen over everything else.

Maintain Healthy Dietary Habits

You need to focus on providing your body with balanced and nutritious food. You should follow proper nutrition dictates because food is necessary for maintaining a healthy body and even a healthy mind. Some foods are instrumental in uplifting your mood. Good food can help in managing anxiety and stress levels. Omega-3 fatty acids are helpful in cell signaling and brain development. They help in reducing the risk of depression. Similarly, dark chocolates are rich in feel-good and mood-boosting compounds.


Follow all the above stress-busting tips. Moreover, focus on getting a restful sleep every night. Do not get swayed by rumors. Keep focusing on facts by consuming news and information from reliable and authentic sources only.



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