Guidance from EJ Dalius – How to ensure business security while closing down the facility temporarily

The Covid19 pandemic has forced many businesses to close down due to the double blow of lockdowns and the financial crisis arising from the pandemic hurting the economy grievously. The business of all types and sizes experienced temporary closure as the pandemic ravaged across the countries and observes EJ Dalius. Many companies turn around by effectively coping with the pandemic. Besides closing down businesses, owners have been compelled to take some other measures like employee furloughs and layoffs to mitigate the financial hardships but hoping to reopen when the situation improves. Some businesses have allowed employees to work from home, but the business premises’ physical closure has been inevitable.

This raises concerns about the security of the premises and protecting the business. Even if you close it down at short notice, as it has happened now, you must ensure the facility’s proper physical security and protect the network and infrastructure to avoid any harm to your business, explains Eric J Dalius.

Closed business – the security challenges

When closing down the business, you must consider multiple aspects related to business security by learning from the experiences of EJ Dalius.

It begins with physical security that includes securing the entry points, surveillance, and other preventive measures.  To prepare for the worst, you must plan for disaster management comprising of a plan about how you can come out from the crisis when the worse happens. It includes retaining critical business records off-site, the ready availability of phone numbers of the authorities, and updated recovery teams’ contact information. Businesses that use information technology must protect their assets like servers, databases, and other digital assets while retaining regular backups in the cloud or off-site.

Ensure physical security of the facility

Start by securing all doors and other entry points with high-quality locks and using timers to control the premises’ lighting that camouflages the vacant and deserted looks.  Properly maintain the exterior of your business premises not to resemble a closed facility and keep the premises clean and tidy with regular maintenance by landscaping the gardens and lawns that bear trimmed looks.   If you deploy security systems, perform the recommended routine tests to ensure that the system works and notify the security services that you are closing down the premises. Check equipment like freezers and controllers to ensure that these are working. Either secure all critical documents or records at the site or move it to some safe location.

Network and infrastructure security

Most businesses use IT infrastructure and communications systems to support the business operations covering all functions from sales to supply chain to customer care.  When closing down the company, ensure that employees and other stakeholders have access to the IT systems according to their needs to work remotely to keep the business going.

To protect the system, use a VPN and software to safeguard the system through encrypted data transmission and eliminate cyberattack chances. Check that your IT security systems are updated and duly adjusted to protect all users.

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Lenny Bonsignore
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