Apple brings pro photography features to iPhone 12 series

Apple iPhone camera quality, which doesn’t change often. Now Apple brings some changes to its new series of handsets, which are iPhone 12 Series.

The help of computational photography has made the camera on the iPhone really good. With iOS 14.3 the new update in iPhone brings ProRAW to the iPhone 12 series.

What is ProRAW and what it really does.

A RAW image is, well raw, in the sense, it doesn’t have any AI influence or computational photography. Most professional photographers shoot as raw images as they capture what the camera sensor sees in real life.

The ProRAW images or mostly captured from a multitude of image frames. Apple’s Deep Fusion tech looks at these images pixel by pixel and the A14 Bionic processor is super fast to all the analysis without leading to any sorts of lag.

How to use ProRAW on iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max 

  • Go to settings and find the camera.
  • Select the formats option from the top.
  • Select on ProRAW.
  • head to the camera app and you will notice the RAW icon on the top right.
  • Simply tao RAW to enable the feature.





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