Explore Strategies Necessary for Diversifying Your Digital Marketing

Do not get unnecessarily trapped by the concept of a comfort zone in your digital marketing strategy. Remember, there is no room for any complacency in your digital marketing endeavor as that could lead to under-performance and ultimately decline. You may adopt useful ways of enriching and diversifying your digital marketing stratagem.

When you observe that your digital marketing campaigns are performing consistently year after year, you may feel that everything is perfect and delivering top results. You may assume that there is absolutely no reason to extend your boundaries and broaden your horizon. It is best to steer clear of the sentiment: everything is going perfectly! Otherwise, your complacency could lead to the stagnation and regression of your results.

As per Searchenginejournal.com, it is of pivotal importance to come up with a holistic stratagem for aligning your business goals and aspirations to the inherent nature of the Search Engine Results Pages or the SERPs. Before considering the platform, you should focus on determining the impact you will be measuring. Here are some useful digital marketing approaches for enriching your strategic plans and fortifying your power and robustness to ever-changing external competition.

Beacons & Proximity Marketing

The technology on which proximity marketing is based doesn’t seem to be something new. It has been there since 2013; however, it has evolved over the years. Proximity marketing involves marketing actively and aggressively to your customer or client at the right time and in the right place using highly personalized and relevant notifications. It helps in providing exceptional outcomes for businesses in conjugation with perfect advertising stratagems and tools. Over the last year, we have come across several businesses and brands ranging from theme parks to casinos choosing proximity marketing technologies for enhancing their overall customer experience. Marketers across diverse verticals have understood the importance of proximity marketing. They have realized that proximity marketing will be providing massive potential beyond just delivering coupons and vouchers. These tools would be working best when utilized by brands and businesses for better understanding the wants and needs of their precise customer base and buying behavior patterns.

Beacons are a kind of technology that is great for transmitting signals over a small radius. It implies that devices like GPS and mobile phones can go on receiving their marketing messages while they are tied to their specific geo-location. Proximity marketing using beacons is used widely in table service in restaurants or while sending important text messages with discounts directly to clients while they are passing by a store.

The chief advantages of proximity marketing are:

  • Marketing success mapping and closing the offline or online marketing attribution.
  • Location targeting of potential new business, repeat customers, or people in general.
  • In-store messaging including providing promotional offers meant for hyper-local messaging.
  • Gamification
  • Guiding individuals through entire stadia, airports, cities, and shopping centers.
  • Cross-selling throughout the buying process.

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Chatbots and Conversational Commerce

Conversational commerce seems to be a better opportunity as compared to just chatbots alone. Chatbots are the recommended technology-based measure to take to diversify and fortify your strategic plans for digital marketing in 2021. Chatbots are instrumental in integrating your business within some important external platforms like Facebook thus, allowing you to effortlessly reach your target audience on their preferred messaging app.

We understand that the advantages of chatbots would be varying hugely on your application, objectives, and their successful implementation. Here are some of the marketing advantages of chatbots.

  • Enhanced customer support & services

Assist prospective and existing customers in understanding the service or product that best complements their bespoke requirements and budget. Provide quick responses to questions and competently filter complex inquiries for your Support Team or Customer Service team.

  • Cheaper Alternative

Implementing a chatbot seems substantially cheaper as compared to hiring people to perform those tasks that could easily be automated and tackled efficiently by a computer or bot. This form of eliminating and minimizing manual activity and repeat activity from organizations could end up boosting efficiencies, cost savings, and time for investing somewhere else too. It pays to remember that chatbots could be used successfully on smaller budgets too.

  • Active Customer Engagement & a Definite Boost in Nurturing

Chatbots are available 24×7 hence; they can be great at handling concurrent user interactions simultaneously. This implies that there is no longer any need to wait in telephone lines for information or even leaving the purchase funnel much before your brand has been presented before them.

Putting User-Led Design at the Forefront

Over the last few years, UX design has gone from a niche pursuit that developers would do on their own time with minimal commercial justification, to a crucial component of every product or service that is directly correlated to the commercial returns it brings. You must put the user experience and their needs at the top of your priority list from day one, and here’s how you can go about it. Design for trust is vital so that the user knows that they can trust your platform every step of the way through acquisition and conversion. This includes optimizing for mobile, ensuring favicons, site information, and testimonials are front and center for all your visitors to see.

You must also rework your entire navigation structure, sitemap, and information architecture to optimize for user behavior and ease of use. You can use data-driven insights as well as iterative testing to understand how to structure your site to get the best conversion rates. These strategies are important for small businesses as well as big conglomerates, as users become more tech-savvy and more discerning in their UX tastes.


You need to follow the above strategies for expanding, diversifying, and fortifying several marketing approaches for the upcoming year. You must rely on taking action and utilizing new and ever-changing information and data for challenging the status quo. Appreciate the need for testing or refining and experimenting with marketing opportunities and cutting-edge technologies.

Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
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