Google Photos now syncs Liked Photos from Apple Photos

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Google Photos has been one of the most used cloud photo storage services, and it recently hit five billion downloads in the Google Play Store.

Although Google Photos is cross-platform, it’s hard to completely exploit it on iOS due to some restrictions placed in place by Apple. If you’ve ever used an iPhone or iPad and do opt to try to use Google Photos exclusively, you’ll definitely find that you have to juggle Apple Photos in there too for proper library management.

As spotted by Android Police first, you do not have to switch around apps to Like and Star the photos on Apple Photos and Google Photos respectively. You can favourite it on one platform, and it will automatically sync it in the other app. If you unfavorite photos in Google Photos, it unfavorites photos in Apple Photos and vice versa.

You’ll need to open Google Photos on your iOS device > Profile > Settings > Apple Photos > Toggle on to enable it. It’s a reasonably simple process in Google Photos that transforms any images like in Apple Photos to “starred”. This also implies that in Apple’s equivalent, any pictures you want in Google Photos will also be present.