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Sony’s New App is for Professional Wedding and Event Photographers

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Sony has developed a new iOS app, Virtual Story, that’s a cloud-based collaborative platform for professional wedding and event photographers. It supports photos from multiple sets of cameras and helps professionals to work in unison to provide a finished album to the client. Users can upload images (even from multiple cameras) automatically, rate, select and edit them, and deliver finished galleries – all in real-time.

All these images are uploaded on the cloud, so every user can share, collaborate, and edit in real-time. Sony has also added AI-based sorting in the app that will organize images based on activity (first dance, cake cutting, etc.) and can even find shots where the subject’s eyes are closed—radically reducing the time spent culling images. 

The photos and edits are stored in XMP files, allowing images to be imported into desktop photo editing programs for further editing and refinement. 

The iOS app can be downloaded here on the iPhone and iPad.