OnePlus 9E

OnePlus 9E can be a bridge between the two upcoming devices.


A rumor is circulating around that there is going to be a third variant in the OnePlus 9 lineup, which will bridge the two devices. In this model, the OnePlus 9E will become the said bridge in the series. There is no exact details that what will this rumored device will offer.

The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will come with Snapdragon 875 SoC with other flagship-level hardware. However, the tipster Max Jambor has claimed that OnePlus is working on a new OnePlus 9E model, which will connect both the vanilla and the pro devices. This said device will have mixed features from both the devices.

However, there are no more details about the device at all. No hardware specifications, no display specifications etc. It’s worth noting that Samsung does use the ‘E’ suffix to denote the middle-man device in their S-series lineup, just like the Galaxy S10e.

Is this going to be a budget-friendly flagship? Or it will have some different specifications for the said price point? Only time will tell more.

Source: Android Authority

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