Google Chromecast 3rd Gen is now available for sale!

Google Chromecast 3rd generation is available for sale right now. You can grab one for you and your family for a very low price right now. This is a part of the Black Friday Sale and is currently available in B&H, Walmart, and Google Store.

The Google Chromecast 3rd generation is the last chromecast device , and is the prequel to the recently launched Google TV. But Its costly, and Chromecast works fine till now. So why not invest in that, and enjoy streaming to the TV?

The B&H is selling the Chromecast for $18.99 with free shipping. It is similar to Walmart as well. You can get the device for $18.99 at Walmart with free shipping as well. In case you decided to buy from Google, well, you will get the device for $18.99 but you will have to shell out another $16 for a free delivery.

You can buy the Chromecast from the following links.

B&H, Walmart, Google Store

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