Google Home Max

Google Home update brings major changes to media controls.


Google has updated the Google Home with new media control changes with the recent update. Holidays are approaching, and Google is wrapping up with updates for majority of their products already. There are some visual changes in the new Google Home update.

The app has been updated to v2.31, which brings the majority of the changes. User can now easily designate where they want to cast their device to. This also gives easy control volumes of the Google Assistant Speakers. The recent update changes the control panel pretty much, from a Gaussian Blur background to simple slider based controls.

The new update also brings back the Routine Triggers. After selecting the Routines on the Google Home app, users can now access a variety of home automation options. Also, you have the choice to set the default device on which you can trigger the Routines.

The next change is the WiFi settings, where you can see that Google has added a prefered settings. It includes settings such as gaming, and video conference, and priotizes the WiFi depending on the use case.

Source: Android Central

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