Apple to pay $113 million to settle batterygate lawsuit.

Apple’s battery gate issue is a famous con game played by the company. If you don’t remember, in an update, Apple deliberately slowed down your phones. This happened will all those iPhones manufactured and purchased in 2014-15. However, something went wrong for the company, they ended up in court for fraudulent actions.

And this ended up with a class-action lawsuit against the firm. But yet again, Apple tried to get away with this with a battery exchange program. And let me tell you, they again charged for the issue they caused. Earlier this year, ‘batterygate’ issue has been addressed with a $25 battery replacement program. It has been estimated to cost the firm around $500 million. But this depends on where and how many complaints have come up. The minimum payout is around $310 million.

But this will not again save the firm from court. Apple has finally decided to pay $113 million to settle all the fraud case against the company. Thanks to this very strategy, many people buy new iPhones, which did make the firm first company to touch $1 Trillion dollars mark.

The entire amount will be distributed between many states. $24.6 million will go to Califoria, $7.6 million to Texas, and $5 million to Arizona. The rest of the amount will go to Attorney fees and funds for future investigations.

Moreover, Apple has also created a website that will explicitly tell users as of what the new iOS update will affect in overall.

The deal is yet to be approved by the judge.

Source: GSMArena

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