Google Black Friday Sale to go live soon!


Black Friday is around the corner, and its also the time to get some gadgets for less money this time as well. Moreover, when Google has its own Black Friday sale to go live on Black Friday, then what is the problem?

You will get several of the latest devices from Google for some discount, this includes the Pixel 5 as well. Not only the Pixels, but most of the Nest devices are also going up for sale.

The list is as follows:

  1. Pixel 5 – $649, $50 off.
  2. Nest Audio – Pack of 2: $169.92, $30 off.
  3. Hub: $49.99, $40 off
  4. Hub Max: $179, $50 off
  5. Home Max: $149, $150 off – not yet a Nest product.

The above list will be up for sale starting November 22nd, with the following list starting November 25th.

  1. Stadia Premier Edition: $69.99, $30 off
  2. Nest Mini: $18.99, $30 off,
  3. Nest Hello: $179, $50 off. Installation $49.
  4. Learning Thermostat: $199, $50 off. $49 for installation.
  5. Wifi – Router and Access Point: $189, $80 off.

You can also avail for free shipping for orders above $35 only if you shop from Google. Rest, the devices will also be available at Best Buy, Walmart and B&H.

As of now, Google Pixel 4a Special Edition color Barely Blue is up for sale as well.

Source: Google

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