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Galaxy Buds Beyond gets 3C certification!


Samsung is on its way to launch a new pair of TWS earphones, the Galaxy Buds Beyond. From the looks of it, seems like these pair of earphones are going to follow the Galaxy Buds Live.

This new pair of earbuds has just recently been 3C certified. According to the listing on the 3C, the buds will have a battery capacity of 472 mAh. The battery capacity remains similar to the Buds Live.

Galaxy Buds Beyond

Meanwhile, the official model number of these buds are EB-BR190ABY. This too in fact the official number of Buds Live that was EB-BR170ABU.

While it’s too early to say how the earbuds will look like. We can say will that these buds will be quite an improvement to the Bubs Live. Since we don’t have any renders for these buds, we may or may not get to see an entirely new design. We will have to wait for further leaks for that.

The Galaxy Buds Beyond is set to launch along with the Galaxy S21 series. So we can expect these buds somewhere around 14th January 2021. With leaks coming in every day, we will soon know more!

via - GSMarena

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