Realme-7-5G, Belsimpel

Belsimpel with be the exclusive partner for Realme in the Netherlands.


Realme and Belsimpel have signed a deal together to make the latter an exclusive partner for the former. That means Belsimpel will bring the Realme lineup exclusively to the Netherlands. You can choose between the carrier locked devices and the unlocked devices.

Realme devices will come to Belsimpel directly, eliminating the middle-men from the business chain completely. This will also let the later to set aggressive pricing for every device. The first few devices that will be available are Realmi 7 for €199, Realme 7 Pro for €299. Additionally, you can also get the flagship Realme X50 5G for €379.99.

We are very happy to be the first to offer the realme devices in the Netherlands. This exclusive collaboration fits perfectly in our mission to offer the Dutch consumer an even wider range of products. Both companies are young and focused on the digital world, so they fit well together. Together we are able to assist our customers even better in their search for a smartphone that suits their needs.


Other than the mentioned devices, there are some accessories available for you to buy. These are Realme Buds Air Nero for €39.99, Realme Watch for €54.95, and Realme Band for €24.95

Source: GSMArena

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