Google Street View now allows you to upload images.

Google Street View is one of the best things that Google has ever created. If you don’t know about it, well, it is a feature in Google Maps that will let you see the areas in full view directly, in short – street view. But the major issue is the Street View isn’t available in smaller places. But now it seems Google is going a step ahead and let you upload images from your camera.

From a video uploaded on subreddit r/GoogleMaps, we can clearly see that Google is testing a new feature in the Street View app. This is the “Driving Mode”, which lets users upload their own Street View images. This feature is slowly rolling out to many of the users right now.

From the video at the end of the post, you can see the Driving Mode available on the side menu. Once you activate it, you will be prompted to give location and capture the image straight away.

But you have to wait to get your images getting approved. Since the beginning, Google is using Cars and Trekkers to capture the images, so high quality is required. Although many are seeing this feature, we don’t know if Google is going to make this available to all worldwide.

Source: Android Central

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