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A Guide to Outsourcing Tasks for Startups


If you plan to run your business for the first time, you definitely need to know the ins and outs of its proper organization. Outsourcing is an integral part of establishing your own company. It deals with the management of business processes or performance of some functions by a third-party organization, which serves for the full functioning of the enterprise. Many entrepreneurs have already appreciated the benefits of outsourcing. Let us reveal the strategy that will work out for your startups.

Analyze the actual company state

In the current situation of pandemic danger, it is not so easy to start your own business. However, if you are ready to take over, then you should learn about the outsourcing process. This method of organizing the work system allows you to save a lot of funds and “teaches” you to evaluate not the process itself but the final project result.

It is necessary to start the implementation of any project with the arguments proving its expediency. You should express them preferably not in an emotional form, but rather impartially and in a formal tone. In other words, it is necessary to assess the current state of the organization consciously.

You should analyze the goals of the company and the competitive environment. Also, you should choose strategic priorities for the development of the organization. Identify problems in the development of the organization; define the functions that you can transfer to outsourcing and determine their projected volume.

Next, you need to calculate the cost of the function or business process. They are the cost of renting an office or other necessary space, the cost and size of equipment, the wage fund necessary for this amount of work staff. At this stage, you need to create a working team, which will collect the necessary information, conduct discussions. Anyway, brainstorming is much more productive than a one-man solution.

Make a decision

The switch to an outsourcing regime is possible after analyzing the pros and cons, all the opportunities, and its risks. Also, you should compare the cost of functions or business processes when they are implemented on their own as well as by outsourcing service providers, and determine the performance indicators of the outsourcer.

In addition, at this stage, you should already have the determined goals and objectives of the project, an appointed manager, and a working group. Ultimately, you have to establish the requirements for the outsourcing company with the top management of the organization. The final decision is the responsibility of the CEO or a business owner.

Partnership selection

The choice of a partner is another crucial step in the process of transition to outsourcing because failure will eventually require his/her change. Therefore, you will be obliged to repeat this long and tedious procedure of restructuring the organization to be able to work in new conditions.

In order to reduce the risks associated with unreasonable choice, as well as to eliminate subjective factors, it is necessary to analyze the outsourcing services market and check the reputation of such platforms. Linksmanagement outsourcing link building service is about to meet your needs in terms of developing your business. Using it, you get a guarantee of receiving outsourcing options along with valid backlinks, which are highly important for a prosperous project.

Afterward, you can outline a circle of firms and make your final decision according to the following parameters:

  • The rapidity of reaction to inquiries, remote administration or consultation;
  • The variety of services included in the contract;
  • The impact of changes in the number of companies on the value of the contract;
  • In what way the outsourcer company monitors its employees;
  • What kind of interaction to expect with the outsourcer in case of unforeseen situations;
  • Qualification level of employees of a potential partner;
  • The act of a procedure for termination of the contract for the provision of outsourcing services;
  • The way the security system works in an outsourcing company.

To make it convenient to use the information received on the assessment criteria proposed above, you can create a table in which you can enter data about each of the potential partners. In general, this method allows you to make an adequate choice in any situation.


As the next, crucially important stage of your project, you have to establish the terms of the contract with new partners. It is necessary to speak out precise tasks and goals that are set for them. Also, you are in charge to determine the transition period. You do not need to be afraid to ask clarifying questions to make sure that the customer and the service provider achieve a consensus on the current situation and its development in the future. Misunderstandings can lead to failures during the implementation of the project. That is, you need to remember that making clear requests is the most difficult stage of the transition to outsourcing.

You should be prepared for the fact that partners can offer their own solutions to the problem. It makes sense to listen to their advice if only this outsourcing company has more experience in the practical implementation of such projects.

During the set up of the contract, a lawyer should be present in the working group. If the organization does not have its own representative, consult a third-party one. The contract must necessarily contain fundamental elements that determine the structure of cooperation with the outsourcer. While setting up an agreement, you need to remember that functions for outsourcing can be transferred either fully or partially.

Transition to a new working regime

When switching to outsourcing, you should take into account psychological factors and the mood of the team. It would be wise to conduct explanatory work with your team, which includes providing employees with all the necessary information about the transition to a new regime, introducing them to the contents of the documents of all employees for signature. It is necessary to pay special attention to those employees the company is interested in, and delicately inform about dismissal to those employees whose services the company no longer needs.

In addition, at this stage, you should prepare the necessary documents and regulations. They are a work plan for the implementation of the project and a new staffing table. If necessary, you might develop new ones or adjust existing job descriptions.

Project operation at the reporting stage

The main priority at this stage is the employee who provides the organization’s management with reports at predetermined intervals. Summing up the results for the reporting period includes the following:

  • Analysis of the outsourcing system based on feedback from employees, managers, and partners;
  • Comparing the results of the outsourcer with the planned performance indicators;
  • Collective discussion of intermediate results with the key project’s

The performance of outsourcing functions, as well as any other, must be constantly monitored. The scope of control depends on the importance of the transferred process, its attendant risks, and the capability of the supplier’s staff.

This is approximately what the scheme of transition to outsourcing for any organization looks like. Of course, some adjustments are possible, taking into account the specifics of a particular business. However, in general, the sequence of actions presents the above steps.