WhatsApp makes it easier to free up space with new storage management tool

Facebook, WhatsApp

WhatsApp has rolled out a new tool, which helps in storage management. It makes users, to find images and videos that are taking too much space on their phone.

This new tool from WhatsApp will be available for all users, worldwide this week. To enable this feature, users can head to settings >> storage and data >> manage storage. The current Whatsapp storage tool will help users to identify the number of chats, and Gifs, and images and videos. It shows them in a different category, and users can be able to delete them in a few clicks.

The new storage management tool will guide users through a thumbnail. This indicates the content to be deleted and showing content which shared mostly, and the files larger than 5 MB. By this thumbnail, users will be able to have a look over all the content which they are going to delete.

Here you can go and check how the new tool works…..