LG Wing Unboxing & First Look Video

LG was kind enough to send a review unit of the new LG WING! This exciting new 5G smartphone offers a new dual-screen form factor with a swivel display and a smaller, square display underneath. There are a number of ways that LG imagines this can be used, from gaming, content creation, and especially multitasking.

This is the first device to be launched under LG’s new Explorer Project smartphone line. This will give LG the space to experiment with new form factors in an attempt to reinvigorate the mobile industry. This harks back to the days of yore when phone manufacturers were not afraid to try out crazy designs, and with this phone, LG is even taking a cue from its own earlier devices like the LG-V9000.

The main display is a 6.8″ FHD 60Hz OLED, with a second 3.9″ OLED that is nearly a perfect square. The swivel mechanism has been tested to endure more than 200,000 swivels, which means users should not be worried about it giving out. LG also includes its free second-year warranty to help ease users’ minds.

Check out my unboxing and first look video below, as I try to hold in my excitement about trying out the world’s first 5G swivel smartphone!

Do you think LG is onto something here? Or is it just another gimmick that won’t go anywhere? Foldable and Dual Screen smartphones are starting to ramp up and LG clearly wants to carve out its own path.

LG WING is currently available in the US on Verizon for $999 (before offers and promotions). AT&T and T-Mobile will start carrying the smartphone on November 6th for $1050 and $999 respectively.

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