Apple has added a new ‘hardware button’ to old iPhones

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Apple updated a new feature to its recently updated software iOS 14. Most of the users don’t even notice, this feature in their mobiles.

The new update in iOS 14 allows some extra features, in hardware. The entire back panel of all old iPhones is now so sensitive, with a new feature called “Back Tap”. This new feature turns the entire back panel of any old iPhones into new touch recognition buttons.

Users will be able to take screenshots, just by double-tapping on the back panel. And also by triple-tapping on your back panel, you can lock your device instantly. Apple allows users to select what function you want to perform by double or triple tapping on the back of your iPhone. The good part is, you can tap anywhere on the back panel even at the last corner the action will be performed.

The new back tap feature can be found in the Accessibility option under settings. And it will be turned off by default, go to Settings >> Accessibility>> Touch>> Back Tap to turn it on.