AMD Radeon RX6000 Series

AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series Is a Tough Blow to Nvidia, Here’s Why


AMD has unveiled its RX 6000 series and it is giving Nvidia’s 3000 series tough competition, both in terms of price and performance. This is a major achievement for AMD since their last generation graphics were far behind matching Nvidia.

AMD’s RX 6800 ($579), 6800 XT($649), and 6900 XT($999) offer some really tough competition to Nvidia’s RTX 3070 ($500), 3080($700), and 3090($1,500), respectively.  The 6900XT is a real killer that matches the RTX 3090’s performance but is still $500 cheaper than that.

AMD says that its new RDNA 2 technology can offer up to twice the performance of the prior generation. This happens while drawing roughly the same amount of power and is in fact less than that of Nvidia’s equivalents.

Here’s how the graphics stack up against each other.

And here’s RX 6900 XT vs GTX 3090

However, all these claims are from AMD themselves. We will see further if AMD is really killing Nvidia once the graphics card starts shipping. The RX 6800 and 6800 XT will be available starting November 18, while the 6900 XT will be available starting December 8.