Instagram will allow everyone to go live

Facebook-owned Instagram is rolling out new features, every now and then. Recently they came up with new features in messaging. And now they again rolled out a new feature. Let’s discuss the new feature from Instagram.

In the new update from Instagram, there is no limitation for streaming. Streamers can now stream up to 4 hours no-stop. This new upgrade will be available for all users Globally. Users will also be able to save their stream and can watch later in their private archives. They will also be able to download them and upload them elsewhere. Now Instagram is adding a ‘Live now’ section to IGTV where users can find content to watch at that moment.

Clearly, we can notice that Instagram is investing in Livestream. As still, the pandemic is going on users are in-to those live streams. By providing a longer time frame for users, they can get help from these live streams.

At the same time, Instagram is making plans to increase the user base. And make users to stay for a longer period of time on platform. There are many platforms where users can go live, but Instagram plans to make them a priority and stand in Competition with others.


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