Mailman is new Gmail Assistant

A new startup called Mailman recently launched a new assistant for Gmail. That helps Gmail users to get better control over their inbox. Alongside this, there are many mail assistants which will ask to create a new mail address. But in Mailman, you can use the same mail address.

By using Mailman as your mail assistant, which helps to block annoying emails. This new service from Mailman is the latest version of all startups for Gmail’s assistant. Many users don’t want to swap their mail address for a client app, that’s where you can find Mailman is the best than other apps. Mailman confirms that it won’t be remembering any data of users, and only reads senders address and subject line.

Additionally claims to encrypt that data which it stores in its database, on servers located in U.S, India, Canada. Users can also delete mails in just one click.

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