Galaxy S21 Ultra

Galaxy S21 colors leaked, claims to be ‘100% true’.


A new leak claims to be 100% true about the colors of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 flagship. The rumor claims that the S21 will come in several different colors. There are going to be three different variants of S20, the base, the Plus, and the Ultra.

The leaks come from Ross Young, who is well-known in the leak community and is a display analyst in the industry. As per his claims, the Galaxy S21 will come in three different colors – Grey, Pink, Violet, and White. On the other hand, S21 Plus will come in two colors – Black and Silver. The Galaxy S21 Ultra will come in Black, Silver, and Violet.

But do note, that most of the time his predictions had been off-track. It can be also possible that these are not the final colors in the series. Samsung is pretty much well known to bring exclusive colors to carrier devices, and is also promoting their flagships from BTS, a South Korean Pop Band.

Samsung will reveal the new flagship next year in the month of January.

Source: Sammobile, Leak

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