PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 prices for the Indian market are now official.


Sony has finally unveiled the pricing for the PlayStation 5 here in India. And looking into the pricing, it is somewhat similar to what Microsoft is asking for around the globe.

This time around, there are going to be two variants. The Normal edition with Disc capability will cost you ₹49,990 whereas the digital edition will cost ₹39,990. But here is the thing. In comparison to what Xbox is doing, Sony is giving same hardware on both the normal and digital editions. Also, the DualShock controller will cost you 5,990.

But it is yet to be seen when Sony will launch the PlayStation 5 in India. The console sale might get delayed thanks to some idiot owning the trademark of PS5 in India. This might take a long time before Sony can even start selling the console.

Source: Android Central

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