Google Play Music store

Google Play Music store shuts down worldwide!


Google has finally shut down the golden music store, Play Music store, of its time, the Play Music store. Google has already begun this process in the month of August this year. And now you cannot buy any music from the store at all.

Previously, you could buy music from the Google Play Music store with ease. And you could even download the music in form of MP3 audio. And with the new update to the Play Store, there are no more options left to buy any music from the store.

If you open the Play Store, you will no longer get the Browse Music option. Or if you open the Play Music site or app to purchase, you will be greeted with a “Not Available”.

In Play Music App:

Later at the end of the year, Google Play Music will also be discontinued. And you will also lose your purchased music. To download all the purchased music, you can use Google Takeout to download the music.

Source: 9to5Google

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