SONY 437 Sony’s Imaging Edge Webcam is now available for macOS

Work from Home, Online Classes, and Presentations has been the go-to method for most people in this Covid Pandemic. While we have great cameras on our smartphones, attending meetings and classes from your phone does not seem the right way. So, while the companies still ship the laptops with poor web cameras, Sony took the chance to launch an app that converts their cameras into High-Resolution Cameras.

In August, we reported that Sony’s Imaging Edge Webcam would turn your Digital Camera into a web-camera, but it was only available for Windows. But now they have launched the app for macOS as well.

Sony today announced the introduction of the ‘Imaging EdgeTM Webcam’ desktop application for macOS (Ver 1.0), with an enhanced version for Windows (Ver 1.1).
This enables users to turn their Sony digital camera into a high-quality webcam easily by simply connecting it to a PC free of charge through USB. Windows 10 (64-bit) and macOS 10.13-10.15 are compatible operating systems.

The supported list of cameras are,

α: E-mount(ILCE-)

  • ILCE-7M2
  •  ILCE-7M3
  •  ILCE-7C
  •  ILCE-7RM2
  •  ILCE-7RM3
  •  ILCE-7RM4
  •  ILCE-7S
  •  ILCE-7SM2
  •  ILCE-7SM3
  •  ILCE-9
  •  ILCE-9M2
  •  ILCE-5100
  •  ILCE-6100
  •  ILCE-6300
  •  ILCE-6400
  •  ILCE-6500
  •  ILCE-6600

α: A-mount(ILCA-)

  •  ILCA-77M2
  •  ILCA-99M2
  •  ILCA-68

Digital Still Camera(DSC-)/ Vlog camera

  •  DSC-HX95
  •  DSC-HX99
  •  DSC-RX0
  •  DSC-RX0M2
  •  DSC-RX100M4
  •  DSC-RX100M5
  •  DSC-RX100M5A
  •  DSC-RX100M6
  •  DSC-RX100M7
  •  DSC-RX10M2
  •  DSC-RX10M3
  •  DSC-RX10M4
  •  DSC-RX1RM2
  •  DSC-WX700
  •  DSC-WX800
  •  ZV-1

You can download the software by clicking here.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
Student and a Blogger from India.

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