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Google is killing Hamburger Menu from the Play Store

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Ever since smartphones are getting bigger, the concept of hamburger menus has become obsolete. They are hard to reach and on today’s smartphone-sized, you would probably need to use your second hand or really stretch your fingers to access the menu.

This is why Google is keen on removing Hamburger menus from all of its apps to encourage more and more developers to do the same. A few months ago, they removed it from Google Maps. This time, they have also removed it from the Play Store.

Google is adding options to the top right corner instead. You can tap the avatar to reveal the floating menu which will contain all the necessary options. On the Play Store, it contains the app library, payments & subscriptions, settings, and more.

Killing Hamburger menus make complete sense for Google since they don’t incorporate perfectly with gesture-based navigation systems often found on modern Android phones running Android 10+.