instagram graphics

Explore graphic design skills by creating your own Instagram graphics


The extent of the audience’s involvement with your brand on Instagram depends mainly on your creative abilities to design the branding campaign in the most effective manner. You must be able to lure the audience towards your brand by devising innovative ways of involving them. While using the storytelling feature of Instagram is a great way to draw the audience’s attention, advertising on the platform is another highly effective means of engaging with the audience. There is every reason to take Instagram seriously and to gain mileage from for bolstering your branding efforts. You must have the ability to create eye-catching visuals that attract the audience and move them to make purchases. Business opportunities are enormous on Instagram because 80% of the users follow some companies or brands.

The audience expresses their views about brands by posting comments and likes, and in the process, some even turn followers that strengthen the brand value. The more followers a brand has, higher is its acceptance, and better are the business prospects. But garnering likes can be challenging by cutting through the competition and besides hard work it takes some time.   Allowing time might not be possible as it could put your behind in the race, and instead, you can start your campaign on a high note by buying likes, followers, and comments from a company like that provides these from real people and not bots. But everything can fall flat if you do not follow the best Instagram practices to post great images that create an instant connection with the audience.

Tell great stories on Instagram

For the highest impact on the audience, you must tell stories that appeal to people of all ages, depending on the chosen topic.  For Instagram, you must don the hat of a visual storyteller and make the best use of your creativity to create stories with images, videos, and animations to allow the audience to perceive your brand in the way you want.  Apply your mind to create compelling content through visuals by creating an Instagram strategy and use your gut feeling to spin instant stories at the spur of the moment, which are rich in emotions.

Use some apps that offer templates for creating Instagram stories that ease the task and even speeds it up, but everything depends on how well you use your creativity to build stories. Maintaining consistency is also crucial because consistency is persuasive and helps build trust.  Use the Instagram scheduling tool to post the stories at regular intervals by knowing what the audience wants, and it paves the path for building a brand that resonates with the audience.

Create posts for engagement by using quote markers

Quotes have an image-worthy appeal besides being informational, inspirational, and even humorous that creates instant engagement even without any context, which makes it so popular among social media marketers. Quotes are good for creating non-promotional content that can become the perfect one for engagement. The most significant advantage is that quotes have universal appeal and full acceptance and an easy way to exhibit your activism on social media that remotely connects the audience with the brand. When using quotes on Instagram, ensure that they become attractive visuals and not bland text or mere catchy messages. After all, you want the audience to relate to the brand personality, which is only possible when the content has a personal touch.

Turn to user-generated content

To deepen your relationship with customers, start sharing your customers’ images on Instagram to get more attention from potential customers. However, do not forget to give due credit to your customer whose image you are using even though you can tweak it slightly to provide it with your personal touches and a brand flavor with the help of some app.  Or you can upload some of your existing images by adding some graphics and text to it to give it a different feel and look.

Use some app to create Instagram ads

Instagram users who have some creative traits can use it for Instagram advertising as they can create excellent advertorial content by using some apps that are available in the market. Social media image apps will expand your creative abilities by showing ways to make the best use of it. Some apps have Lifestyle Mockups that will let you express how you live and love your creations and enjoy it.  The apps have great templates and design resources like text styles, shapes, icons, and images that you can mix and match to give shape to your ideas.

Creating your own Instagram images will save costs and give the satisfaction of telling your lines instead of someone else dubbing it for you. The more you use Instagram, the better the learning curve will enable you to maximize most of the features.