Apple HomePod Mini

Apple announces $99, HomePod Mini smart speaker.


In today’s event, Apple launched its second iteration of the HomePod Mini. The previous one was released in 2017. This time, it’s a round bowl-like design and has a mesh around.

According to Apple, HomePod combines the amazing sound quality and a smart assistant. The speaker has 360-degree audio, along with a new Apple S5 chip. Moreover, Apple has also announced several new features for Siri.

With this new speaker, yet again, Apple says they are focusing on privacy. This time as well, you will see a visual indicator on the top which will light up when Siri is activated.

The new speakers have support for AirPlay 2 multi-room capabilities, so you can add more speakers to your home without any issues. And you can control them at once as well. There is a U1 chip, that will be activated later this year, will let you change between speakers and phone for music seamlessly, without any break.

The speaker is made especially for all apple products like Podcasts, Music, and AirPlay. With a future update, Apple will allow you to use third-party services with the speakers as well. However, Spotify didn’t make it to the list.

Apple has also added a daily update feature to Siri, which can be good for the speaker. Also, Apple is making the HomePod mini smarter, letting it detect different voices in the same room with ease, and can respond with ease.

Also with the included intercom mode inside the speaker. This will let you send message to other speakers and iPhones, iPad, and other Apple products.

Source: 9to5Mac

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