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All You Need Is A Computer; 6 Jobs You Can Do Online


These days, when more and more of us are starting to work from home, it is no wonder that people are looking for jobs that can be completed over the internet. In almost every field, there is an opportunity for employees to start completing their work online as technology is improving every day. So if you are looking for a job that will allow you to work from home when you need to, you should consider one of these career pathways.


  • Writer

If you enjoy writing and are looking for a job that you can do wherever you want, you should consider becoming a writer. There are many different types of writers but at the moment there are a lot of jobs online for people who like to write in the communications and marketing fields. There are many companies out there that are looking for people to write and create content for them, so it should be easy to find a writing job that matches your talents. There is a lot of flexibility that comes with this kind of a job because you can often pick and choose the amount of work that you take on at a given time and you can write from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and internet access. But if you want to become a better writer, you should consider completing a course to help you become more proficient. Online portals like Upskilled allow you to complete courses online so that you can learn more about your field while you work from home, which is great for most people.


  • Tutor

If you are skilled at teaching but you don’t like working face-to-face with your students, you should consider becoming an online tutor. Teaching students online has never been easier than it is now because you can video conference with your students and talk to your students over the internet. This means that you don’t have physically be with your students to teach them, which is great for times when you are sick and don’t want to spread any harmful germs to your students. There is always a need for tutors because people always want to learn, so being able to teach someone is a great skill to have. So even jobs that require a hands-on approach like tutoring are changing so that people can complete the online from wherever they choose to.


  • SEO Specialist

If you have computer skills that you want to put to good use online you should consider becoming an SEO specialist. Search engine optimization (SEO) is about improving your clients’ search results online and boosting traffic to your website. This important because you want your business to be fairly visible online so that people are more likely to pay for your services or products. SEO specialists try to help you to optimize your website by build links to important pages on your website and look for important keywords that customers are searching for online. SEO is an important part of marketing because it helps your business to become more popular online, so there is always a need for people who have skills in this field. And because everything is done online, you can work from wherever you need.


  • Transcriber

If you are skilled at typing and you have good spelling and grammar skills, you should consider becoming a transcriber. All you need to do to be a successful transcriber is to be able to accurately type up any audio that you are given. There are a lot of companies and organizations that are looking for transcribers to type up important documents for them, so there is always a need for people who have these skills. But the best part about being a transcriber is that you can complete most of your work over the internet if you have access to a computer. Most organizations will give their transcribers access to any audio or digital files that they need to transcribe, so as long as you have a device to listen to them on, you should be fine.


  • Customer Service Representative 

If you are great at talking and helping people out, you might want to start a career in customer service. Traditionally, most customer service jobs are done over the phone so that people who have a query can get an immediate response, but these days there are a lot of customer service jobs that are done online. There are plenty of jobs for customer service representatives that will answer inquiries via email, or there are people who can answer your questions via live chat services. Most big companies rely on online customer service representatives because they can help with the day to day running of the business so that people in other departments can focus on other issues that are more closely related to their subsection. But without customer service representatives, a lot of big organizations would not be able to get in touch with their customers or clients who are in need, so if you want to make a difference while working from wherever you please, you should consider a job as a customer service representative.


  • Animator 

If you are an artistic person who enjoys drawing and creating graphics, you may have what it takes to be an animator. Animators are responsible for creating images that move, so a lot of their work is done on a computer because it is easy to digitally manipulate the graphics and make them move on a computer. This also means that animators can work from anywhere, as long as they have access to a computer, and the right programs and software. You are also able to work in a number of different mediums as an animator, so this allows you to get creative and produce anything that you want to. Also, if you are skilled at graphic or interactive design, or have a background in UI/UX design or 3D modeling, you may excel as an animator because you can bring this knowledge and understand of digital design to your animations. Animators are needed in a variety of different industries including film and television, entertainment, the arts, and IT, so there are always jobs available for animators in these fields.