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Understanding Surprising Ways How Instagram Has Refined the Way We Live & the World In General


Instagram has been gaining traction by the hour. It has gained phenomenal popularity and unprecedented success as a social media platform. Instagram is fortunate enough to boast of over 1 billion monthly active users and is consistently growing just like any other social media channel. You simply cannot undermine the impact of Instagram on various aspects of your lives. As per Huffpost.com, Instagram has encouraged individuals to appreciate the beauty and art in their daily existence. Instagram is a versatile and vibrant platform that lets you share and highlight all these artful and incredibly beautiful moments in your lives.

Instagram has been instrumental in changing the way we live, eat, enjoy our dessert, and even approach a sunset. Moreover, it has revolutionized the way everyone views professional photography. Instagram has transformed individuals with a smartphone dramatically into an artist. Instagram comes up with an open forum where people can share their opinion using pictures in a world that seems to be, saturated with text. In this context, you must know that you can buy Instagram followers by contacting a professional and reliable digital marketing company.

Instagram Gave a Major Boost to Photography

One of the most significant changes that Instagram has been responsible for is a boost to photography. The dramatic change in technology, as well as, global culture has been to some extent contributed by improvements in cameras and the advent of cutting-edge smartphones, however, the market was compelled to manufacture much-improved and superior camera parts only because of Instagram. Quite naturally, Instagram has been responsible for changing everybody into an adept photographer. Just by introducing the right filters, everybody began to feel more motivated and confident about what they could do and achieve on this versatile social media platform that provided a rudimentary foundation for editing pictures. This made mediocre photos seem good enough that in turn, encouraged and motivated people to generate more content.

Thanks to Instagram, Teenagers Have Become More Proactive 

Without being aware of the fact, several teenagers have become effective social monitors. They keep posting high-profile pictures that at once grab your attention because of the underlying message that the picture transmits. These teenagers are assuming the roles of activists, social critics, and even political commentators. Instagram has given opportunities to teens and so they have gradually become proactive regarding issues that impact our society.

Instagram Has Been Responsible for Diversifying Beauty Standards

Instagram has been subject to some criticism in terms of impacting the mental health of youngsters. Many critics have been putting the blame on the edited and filtered pictures that present an unrealistic or impractical expectation of beauty. However, on the other hand, by providing such an accessible channel to consumers, a more diversified vision of aesthetics and beauty could be shared. Individuals are certainly not dependent on conventional media’s narrow definition of the term ‘beauty’. From users on Instagram sharing unedited pictures of stretch marks, pimples, and scars to the advent of Trans, plus size, and even disabled influencers, endeavors are made consistently to break down typical beauty taboos.

Instagram Has Brought About a Radical Change in the Way We Go About Vacationing or Traveling

Instagram is a treasure house of travel inspiration. Within just the palm of your hand, you could come across photos of incredibly idyllic spots across the globe. Remember that travel behavior is gradually undergoing a change. According to the findings of a research that was undertaken by Facebook, around 70 percent of travel aficionados utilize the vibrant platform for sharing their travel plans. Moreover, the research findings further reveal that 67 percent are in the habit of utilizing Instagram for finding inspiration for new trips and vacations. Insta-popular destinations are thronged by tourists. For instance, China had opened to tourists the longest and highest glass-bottom bridge in the world in 2016, but it was compelled to close the location within 13 days since thousands of tourists landed up there for getting pictures for their Instagram accounts.

People working in the tourism industry have been compelled to rethink their stratagems because of the boost in Instagram-influenced traveling. The official Instagram account of Tourism Australia is presently having over 3.2 million followers because of the striking blend of UGC, commissioned photography, and also incredibly witty captions.

Instagram Has Kindled New Food Trends

Palm Vaults, a phenomenally popular café in London, has been successful in grabbing the maximum benefit of offering superb Instagram opportunities. We find potted plants hanging beautifully over polished marble tables that have a delicious spread of granola topped with edible flowers and pastel-colored lattes. This café seems to be an Instagram influencer’s paradise. This café keeps drawing numerous customers and is getting a tremendous amount of free advertising. Other venues are doing pretty much the same. In restaurants, there has been a considerable increase in instances of using flower walls, neon signs, and pink plates. Everywhere there is a focus on things that actually stand out and steal the show.

Instagram Has Been Responsible for Mobilizing Activism

With a focus on visual things and direct access to countless people worldwide, Instagram has been instrumental in bringing forth certain worthy causes. You need to remember that imagery could truly be vibrant and immensely powerful. We know that numerous activists are presently using Instagram as predominantly a storytelling platform for transmitting their unique message everywhere, motivating others to join the movement.

Businesses are getting discovered by brand new target audiences.

Instagram Has Come up with a Novel Breed of Influencer

Finally, the greatest ever change that Instagram has brought about in the technological world is the advent and growing popularity of the influencer. We know that fundamentally influencers are supposed to be voices in predominantly niche communities that are talking about diverse places, products, and services. Influencers have been gaining traction and have become a phenomenal craze in every sector right from fashion to weddings.

In 2010, bloggers were incredibly popular, but Instagram is giving them a platform for distributing sweet and short updates. Some utilize this for complementing their unique blog content while Instagram has boosted faster. Huda Katta, beauty influencer, has been on top of the list of most affluent people. She owns her beauty line called ‘Huda Beauty’ and boasts of 27.7 Instagram followers. Fans are given the opportunity to purchase Instagram perfect look with certain special products such as the #FauxFilter Foundation. At the wedding party of Chiara Ferragni, fashion influencer, everything seemed plush and lavish, haute couture gowns from Dior including a follow-up feature in Vogue.


There are plenty of effective ways for influencing culture, as well as, transforming precisely the way you are communicating, discovering, and getting involved in diverse elements. From the perspective of marketing, it is a wise idea to have a clear understanding of all these new developments for better contextualizing your Instagram stratagem and the way Instagram’s growth is instrumental in modifying consumption habits. We have seen how Instagram had started merely as an image-sharing app but rose quickly to become the greatest and the most dominant application of our generation.