Free Video Editing Softwares For Windows


A convenient and suitable video editing software is essential to succeed in producing stunning video content that can help you boost conversions and brand ROI for your online presence. Also, using video editing software like InVideo ensures professionalism in your content.


In this article, we will walk you through some of the best free video editing software for the Windows platform.


  1. OpenShot – Compatible With Windows, Mac, And Linux

OpenShot is one of the most renowned open source free video editing and Outro Maker software in the industry. It is packed with powerful video editing features that are easy to use and have a drag-and-drop interface. It also offers several high-end features like video transitions with a real-time preview, unlimited layers, and many more. This software caters to the requirements of the novice as well as experienced users. Its advanced programming follows video panning, scrolling, snapping, zooming, etc. This software has a fully open-source system.

  • Specifications- It has various options for adding keyframes, animation, and video effects.
  • Best For- Performing basic or advanced video editing tasks.


  1. VSDC- Available For Windows

VSDC is a free, open-source video editing software that is only available for Windows. It is an excellent video editing software that supports any video format or codecs. It comes in a free as well as a paid version. While the free version has cutting-edge features for routine video editing, the paid version is suitable for advanced users. It has standard audio editing and color correction features and is overall easy to use.

  • Specifications- It is relatively easy to use and has advanced features like visual and audio effects, color correction, blending modes and filters, etc.
  • Best For- Editing Windows-based videos and similar projects.


  1. ShotCut- Available For Windows, Mac, And Linux

ShotCut is an open-source, cross-platform video editing software with decent features and functions. You can easily download this software and use it to fulfill your video editing requirements. One of its most convenient features is that you don’t need to import a video into its editor, and can thus save plenty of time. ShotCut also offers a 4K resolution support, which makes it worth a try.

  • Specifications- It supports interlacing, audio-in-video effects, wipe transitions, color correction, and grading.
  • Best For- Editing 4K and high-resolution video projects.


  1. LightWorks- Available On Windows, Mac, And Linux

LightWorks is another most powerful video editing software solution that comes with numerous advanced features. It is available in free and paid versions, and you can get the free version to fulfill your basic video editing requirements. This software is easy to start using as it has tutorials to help you understand along. This software solution is full of valued utilities and functions. Its video trimming and editing features have the highest precision standards.

  • Specifications- It supports high-precision video editing and trimming, high-resolution video export, Multicam, etc.
  • Best For- Users starting with the art of video editing.


  1. VideoPad- Available For Windows

VideoPad is an advanced video editing and YouTube Movie Maker software solution for Windows users. It is a great starter tool for beginners as they can work on it with the basics of video editing without any inconvenience. It also comes with a vast library of premade video transitions and sound effects that you can experiment with while editing videos. Though a small software solution, it has hugely surprising video editing elements that support powerful video editing and uploading across multiple platforms.

  • Specifications- This software supports 3D video editing, which is unique, and you can directly export the edited videos to your social media platforms or YouTube.
  • Best For- New users getting started with the art of video editing.


Blender- Available For Windows, Mac, And Linux

Blender is undoubtedly one of the most advanced video editing software solutions which are compatible across multiple platforms. This open-source software has powerful video editing features. However, it does not have unlimited layers, but you can use its many slots for editing videos and adding effects to them.

  • Specifications- Some of its key features include a chroma vectorscope, preview, audio mixing, luma waveform, waveform visualization, scrubbing, histogram display, etc.
  • Best For- All-round desktop videos.


DaVinci Resolve- Available For Windows, Mac, And Linux

DaVinci Resolve is yet another professional-grade video editing software solution that is available for free. Everything about this software caters to meet the state-of-the-art video editing tools and techniques. It is designed primarily to facilitate users with their video editing collaboration on any project and to help them to optimize the overall performance of the system.

  • Specifications- This software has the advantage of protecting video editing projects using the rights, and on the plus side, it has a vast collection of royalty-free sounds.
  • Best For- Advanced video editing projects requiring color correction and advanced editing.


  1. Avidemux- Available For Windows, Mac, And Linux

Avidemux is a model open-source video editing software. It is specifically designed to manage and organize small video editing projects, and it has enough features for beginner users as well. In terms of simplicity and usage, this software is robust. If you are entirely new to the field of video editing, then this might be a suitable software to start with.

  • Specifications- Its advanced features are inclusive of coding, filtering, and cutting videos, and it supports DVD-compatible MPEG files, MP4 formats, and many more.
  • Best For- Fundamental video editing for beginners.





Those above are some of the most efficient video editing software solutions with which you can create stunning videos. You can choose this one here or any of the above-mentioned ones that suit your requirements the most and start with video editing.