How Does Sound Convey Emotion In A Video? Know More Here


Sound conveys a whole lot of emotions in a video. Without meaningful audio, video won’t be as effective: it will lose its essence. Sound thoroughly engages the audience.

Proper sound helps in delivering information; it evokes an emotional response; it emphasizes what’s on the screen and also indicates a specific mood. When put to good use, sound effects and music have the power to elevate a video dramatically.

Sound is an element that is usually given low priority during the process of video production. It is, however, just as important as good quality footage.

An audience can forgive a blurry out of focus image, but they won’t forgive bad sound. If the audio is unclear or dialogue is muffled, chances are your message isn’t going to get across to them, at least not in the way you want it to, anyway.

Ambiance goes a long way in bringing out the emotional quotient. Therefore, it’s vital to understand the nature and content of the video so as to be able to capture the desired emotional grip.

How Does Sound Play A Vital Role In Video?

Highlights Special Moments 

When you bring an epic piece of music in a video clip, it is only natural that it leaves some kind of effect on the viewers. Keeping that in mind, you can utilize an epic score to really hone in on the emotion that you want to convey.

The power of music is such that it captures the core of an individual, and they happen to accept the moment as one of the greatest they’ve ever experienced both through ears and eyes.

To make matters simpler, take advantage of online editors like an app promo video maker fetch that smooth transition in videos and attain the right sync between content and sound.

Resets Viewers For Time Travel 

Music has an unending effect on the mood of the audience.

Sound has a huge power play on its audience, and it can easily transport them to a different point in time. As per the video, correct audio can set a classic theme, which can take them back or thrust them into the future.

Music provides total recall of a video one watched many years back. For example, you hear The Sound Of Silence from far off, and you cannot help but feel nostalgic due to the dreamy and classic tune set of Simon & Garfunkel.

Likewise, a Tabla or Dholak would give the notion that there are Indian roots attached to the vibrations of the sound. The perfect track can help set the tone of the visual content and take your audience to an exotic location.

Different generations can experience these styles differently, but the fact is that music has the ability to generate a rhythm and flow attached to a certain time and age.

Music Fills The Void 

There is a strategy followed where music is not necessarily given high importance. This is to bring focus to the intense on-screen action.

If a clip in the video does not necessarily require sound to go along, that completely makes sense. The gradual introduction of sound effects if and when needed happens to instill an even more powerful impact on viewers.

How To Fetch Quality Sound To Convey Emotions In Videos? 

Acquire A Decent Microphone 

First things first, the built-in microphone in cameras should only be used as a last resort because it won’t give the professional sound quality you would expect.

Acquire a decent microphone, whether its a directional shotgun mic or a personal mic that you clip on to your subject. This way, you will pick up the sound that you want to record and, along the way, cut out the sounds that you don’t want.

Correct Microphone Setting

To get the best in-depth sound quality from your audio, try to bring the microphone closer to the speaker and focus solely on the direction of the sound.

However, if you own a directional mic, establish the effort of connecting it to a boom pole, and also directing it straight to the mouth of the subject. Only then is there a higher possibility for sound clarity to be achieved.

Backdrop Buzz 

Get rid of all the unwanted background noises around you when filming, try to minimize the extra buzzing at the backdrop so that there is a pin-drop silent atmosphere while shooting.

There is no denying that while filming on the street, it is bound to have a lot of commotion and traffic humdrum, so carve ways to make peace with it by shooting in a more secluded side of the road.

When filming indoors, such as in an office, there is a good chance you will have computers humming, air conditioning whirring, and people chatting.

So to minimize this backdrop buzz, simply turn off computers temporarily, switch off the air conditioning, close windows, and ask staff to lower their voices while you’re filming.

These tactics would get you a crisp sound that lets you invoke the exact emotions you wish to from a particular setting.

Recheck Sound Levels And Retake 

Use cameras with sound meters to keep a tab on the sound level. It’s a cool feature that you might unfortunately not find on some cameras, especially lower budget ones.

But don’t let that stop you from rechecking sound levels! You can opt for a headset during the shoot to continue with the voice notes for crosschecking, or you can also record your actors or speakers saying a short line. Count to 10 and review the footage on your computer before filming the real thing.


Sound brings meaning to just about everything. It is a tremendous asset to business presentations, marketing campaigns, short story and documentary makers, or even social media influencers.

One can gain a promising audience by the implementation of correct music that goes along with their vibe. InVideo’s instagram video editor android assists in your quest to fetch that harmony in audio and video presentation for dedicating it to your trusting audience.

The takeaway here is precisely knowing what the audience expects and presenting to them just that by adding relevant music wherever necessary to enhance the quality of the video.