Amazon Alexa gets new privacy controls.

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Amazon made some new privacy controls for Alexa, at its recent hardware event. Amazon added some new Echo devices. And Fire Stick, Ring Cameras, Eero devices, and more to the lineup this year.

Amazon also launched new privacy controls, for Alexa the smart voice assistant. Users can now configure their Amazon smart speakers in a way that it never saves voice recordings.

Here’s How you can set the new privacy controls :

1. Open Alexa app on your smartphone.

2. Head to the ‘more’ menu from the bottom area.

3. Now open ‘settings’ and head to ‘Alexa privacy’ settings.

4. Here tap on ‘manage your data’.

5. Tap on ‘Automatically delete your recordings’ option and choose the option ‘Do not save recordings’.


Amazon still has the feature, to delete the recordings one-by-one, or by date range. Alexa will save your voice recording for 3months or for 18months or choose to delete manually.