OEM might have to give permission to users to remove bloats.

A serious issue with Android is, OEM can pre-install bloats all around the system. Bloats are useless. For example Samsung pre-loading Facebook app, AppCloud, etc. This is not the case with Samsung, almost all OEMs who make their custom UI does this. And to tackle this, the European Union is planning to pass a bill to allow users to remove bloats from their phones.

Bloats take a tremendous amount of space, shares too many marketing banners when used, and many other things. This causes a hindrance for users while using their devices. With the new bill, the Digital Services Act, the EU will target these OEM and the major game players in the industry, which is Google and Apple. Other than allowing users to remove the pre-installed app, the bill will make sure that the data taken from you isn’t used for anything other than advertisements.

This will also stop big companies from preferring their services over others as well. As of now, the bills are in draft. If this bill passes, this can give a terrible blow over Samsung, Xiaomi, and others who add a tremendous amount of bloats.

I hope this bill is passed all around the world. Samsung has gone ahead too much already with these bloats and now needs to be stopped for good.

Source: Sammobile

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