Google’s new Nest Speaker is out now officially

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Google’s new Nest Speaker is out now officially. Nest speaker is the latest speaker powered by Google Assistant. The Nest speaker replaces by the Google Home.

Nest will be available from $99.99 and will be available for sale from October 5. And will be available in 21 countries, and users can also pre-order the new Nest nest speaker now. The nest is wrapped with fabric, with soft rounded corners. Also available in different colour options, there are four coloured LED lights that glow to respond or to hear. Available in four different colours, in dark grey, light grey, green, pink, and blue colour options.

The new Nest Speaker does everything, which Google assistant speakers do. Like music, and control smart devices at home. Google claims that the Nest is 70% louder than Google home.  And it has a 50% strong bass response than Google home.


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