The Best Productivity Apps for iOS


If you want to be more productive in your work-life or want your team to become more productive, have you considered using a productivity app? There are numerous excellent productivity apps for iOS available, all of which come with specific features. You can find time management apps and planners and apps that can improve your focus or help you overcome bad habits. Here is a selection of the best productivity apps for iOS.




If you are looking for a simple but effective way to organize and keep track of your daily tasks, look no further than Todoist. By swapping your to-do-list for Todoist, you can sort tasks, set reminders, and due dates, track your progress, and collaborate with others. You can even organize tasks according to their priority or the tag they are given. By using Todoist, you can regain calmness and clarity via getting all that stuff out of your head and onto an app that will sort everything for you.




Do you find yourself being less productive because you always get distracted by your phone? Whether you decide to send a quick text message to a friend or take an unscheduled break to play slot games at a casino online, it is essential you do such things during designated breaks or after work instead of letting them distract you from your tasks. One way you can turn things around is by using the Forest app. The unique application motivates you to stay away from your phone screen and focus on the task at hand. Forest is simple to use. You plant a seed when you are ready to work and set a timer. If you stick to the task, your tree will grow. On the other hand, if you exit the app, your tree will die. As long as you stick to the timers, you will grow full forests of trees and become much more productive.


Apple iWork


If you want to be productive, you must have an office suite that makes your work life and daily tasks easier. Apple’s office suite consists of three apps. For word processing, use Pages, for spreadsheets, use Numbers, and for presentations, use Keynote. All apps are free to download on Apple devices, and they can be used in the cloud as well. By incorporating each app into your daily work routine, you can use Apple iWork to suit all your productivity needs.


Be Focused


If you want to be more productive, you will have to be more focused. So, use the Be Focused app! If you work best throughout the day with regular short breaks, this app is ideal. Be Focused uses the Pomodoro Technique, which consists of breaking your day into manageable segments. Typically, it involves working for 25 minutes and then taking a five-minute break, but can you set up Be Focused for the specific work sessions and break intervals that you require. The app also enables you to track your progress and goals daily or weekly.




For managing your workflow, especially if you often collaborate with colleagues or share information with clients, try Trello. The app helps you organize projects with easy layouts, and you can group smaller tasks into segments that can be easily assigned to team members with assigned due dates. Basically, Trello is the go-to productivity app when it comes to organizing tasks, working with others, and sharing information.


Apple Shortcuts


Taking shortcuts does not always lead to better productivity, but in this case, Apple Shortcuts can save you plenty of time. The app for iOS basically enables you to create automation. That means events will automatically occur once you trigger them. For example, you could create an automation that puts your phone on silent every time you are called into a meeting at work, or automation that makes your phone play a certain song after your wake-up alarm. The options are almost limitless, so Apple Shortcuts is ideal for creating better productivity in a wide variety of ways. Even if you know nothing about programming, you can program Apple Shortcuts to make your personal and work-life smoother and more efficient.